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Fast & cost-effective websites built in WordPress

Your new website with fast delivery

Buenofy builds your web,
you build your business!

Buenofy delivers fast, efficient and high-converting websites! We design, build, maintain and update the website for you!

Monthly cost:

Only € 249  € 195* / month!

Initial cost:

Only € 349 (one-off cost)
Ord. price € 499

Become a customer today:

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    All this is included
    as a customer of Buenofy!

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    Completely new design

    Choose between 3 different designs for your new website. All in a modern style to function today and tomorrow.

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    Responsive design

    Your website will be user-friendly on all devices (Desktop, tablet, smartphone).

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    Your new website is on our fast, stable and secure server!

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    Converting website

    Which means that the website is designed to generate leads/contacts for your business.

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    Security package

    We set up a Firewall, stop fake login attempts and Brute force attacks.

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    SSL Certificate

    Your website runs over https, provides a more secure web and is also better for search engine optimization.

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    Speed optimization (Light)

    Optimized speed on your website for a fast experience.

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    News feed/blog

    Access to your own login where you can create your own news in a blog feed. *Building of blog is added.

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    1h update

    Of existing material on your website / month. All updates are made by experienced web designers to keep your website at the highest level possible.

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    Fast support

    Do you have any questions or any other support issues? - Use our fast and knowledgeable support!

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    That's how it works

    We are experts in building websites and brands, let us focus on that so you can focus on your business!

    4 reasons to use Buenofy:

    • Economically, a lower monthly cost
    • Total solution, we manage everything with the website
    • Over 12 years of web experience
    • Fast & efficient solutions
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    A web solution for today & tomorrow

    Buenofy takes care of your website, so you can focus on your business. There are too many companies around the world that sit and work on their website instead of focusing on their core business - we want to change that!

    Let Buenofy help your company with your website so you can focus on what you are good at. We create websites with a design that reflects your brand, support that helps you update the website and we maintain it so that it is kept in top shape!

    Only € 249  € 195* / month!

    Create your website today - Become a client!

    Satisfied customers

    We also work with:

    Web development

    Let Buenofy build your website or upgrade the website you have today. We know web development and design. Perfect for companies that want a customized solution for their business.

    Brand development

    Without a brand, your company lacks a real identity - let us create a strong brand for you today! Perfect for businesses that are just starting out or want a new boost!

    SEO - Search engine optimization

    It doesn't matter how big and good you are, you're nothing if someone doesn't know you exist, that's why SEO is so important. Perfect for those who are ready to be seen more and sell more!